Hawaii State Liberty Bel

Hawaii State Liberty Bell

Presented on July 4, 1950.

The Liberty Bell is a national symbol of liberty, freedom, and democracy. The Hawaii Liberty Bell is located on the front lawn of the Capitol Building in Honolulu.

Presented to the State of Hawaii on July 4, 1950 by the federal government, it stands as a testimony to the proud history of the United States and as an affirmation of the ideals and principles that have shaped our nation and the world..

Hawaii State Liberty Bell

The Beretania Street entrance features the Liberty Bell, a gift of the President of the United States and the United States Congress to the Territory of Hawaii in 1950 as a symbol of freedom and democracy

In 1950, the United States Department of the Treasury assisted by several private companies selected Paccard Foundry in Annecy-le-Vieux, France, to cast 55 full-sized replicas of the Liberty Bell. The bells were shipped as gifts to states and territories of the United States and the District of Columbia to be displayed and rung on patriotic occasions. This was part of a savings bond drive held from May 15 to July 4, 1950 with the slogan "Save for Your Independence."

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