Nevada State Motto

"All for our country"

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Adopted in 1886.

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Focus: Union vs. State

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Nevada's official state motto, 'All for our country,' was adopted as an element of the Great Seal of the State of Nevada. It was adopted in 1886.

The motto has always been part of the state seal but there is no documented source of its originality. Nevada entered the Union as a state during the Civil War and just before the presidential election of 1864. The Constitutional Convention met in Carson City on July 4, 1864, one year after the battle at Gettysburg. The Union needed another state, another supporter of President Lincoln, to prove to the Confederacy that the Union was strong. Patriotism was running high here and those assembled for the Convention felt very loyal to the Union and quite willing to do what they could to support it. Article V, Section 15 of the Nevada Constitution states that there is to be a state seal. In the second legislative session (1866), Assemblyman A. B. Elliot of Storey County introduced Bill 26. It was read and referred to the Committee on State Library. They returned it to the Assembly for another reading. It passed there and went to the Senate. In the Senate, AB26 was referred to the Committee on State Affairs. On February 19, 1866, Senator Lockwood reported that the Committee had AB26 under consideration, had come to a favorable conclusion thereon, and directed their chairman to report the same to the Senate, without amendment, and recommended its passage. On the third reading it passed 12-1.The statutes of 1866 (chapter XLI) gives a complete description of the design. The last sentence reads "In an outer circle, the words, "The Great Seal of the State of Nevada," to be engraven with these words, for the motto of our State, "All for Our Country." Unfortunately, there are no records of the committee proceedings, discussions, nor any legislature's discussion of the seal, to tell us how or why or who came up with "All for our country."

Courtesy of State of Nevada

Nevada State Motto
"All for our country"

These state have mottos that reference the union:

  1. Illinois: "State Sovereignty; National Union"
  2. Kentucky: "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"
  3. Louisiana: "Union, Justice, and Confidence"
  4. Nevada: "All for Our Country"
  5. North Dakota: "Liberty and Union Now and Forever; One and Inseparable"
  6. Vermont: "Freedom and Unity"

Nevada Law

The law designating the official Nevada state motto is found in the Nevada Revised Statutes, Title 19, Chapter 235, Section 235-010.

This statute describes the Nevada seal. The motto is specified within this description.

SECTION 235.010.

235.010 Contents and design of seal; authorized use; official colors; exceptions; penalty.

1. There must be a seal of the State of Nevada called The Great Seal of the State of Nevada, the design of which is as follows: In the foreground, there must be two large mountains, at the base of which, on the right, there must be located a quartz mill, and on the left a tunnel, penetrating the silver leads of the mountain, with a miner running out a carload of ore, and a team loaded with ore for the mill. Immediately in the foreground, there must be emblems indicative of the agricultural resources of the state, as follows: A plow, a sheaf and sickle. In the middle ground, there must be a railroad train passing a mountain gorge and a telegraph line extending along the line of the railroad. In the extreme background, there must be a range of snow-clad mountains, with the rising sun in the east. Thirty-six stars and the motto of our state, "All for Our Country," must encircle the whole group. In an outer circle, the words "The Great Seal of the State of Nevada"must be engraved with "Nevada"at the base of the seal and separated from the other words by two groups of three stars each.
2. The size of the seal must not be more than 2 3/4 inches in diameter.
3. The seal must be kept by the governor and used by him officially. The secretary of state must have access to the seal at all times, and may use it in verification of all his official acts.
4. A reproduction or facsimile of the seal may only be used:

(a) With the written permission of the governor;
(b) In the performance of official acts by an agency of one of the branches of state government;
(c) On items distributed by an agency of one of the branches of state government which are not necessary to carry out the duties of that agency, if the use of the reproduction or facsimile is approved by the head of that agency;
(d) On medallions or bars minted pursuant to the direction of the director; or
(e) As otherwise permitted by a specific statute

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