Kansas State March

"Here's Kansas"

(Composed by Bill Post)

Adopted in 1992.

The Kansas march, "Here's Kansas", words and music by Bill Post, was adopted as an official march of Kansas on July 1, 1992. Kansas has adopted two state marches. The other, "The Kansas March", was approved in 1935.

Kansas State March: "Here's Kansas

"Here's Kansas"

Kansas is the place for me bountiful and plain to see
miles around, with hills and plains and furrowed ground;

Kansas has a heart display, the heart of the U. S. A
and she's strong, her life line shows her life is long.

As she plans toward the future with her eyes upon the future she will trust in God from day to day;

As she rings the bell of freedom she will not forget the freedom that will bind her close in ev'ry way.

The one with the plow, the crowded street,
all walks of life with aims to meet
will agree to be as one for liberty

Kansas is alive today,
going forth in full array,
all the way and
we, the people of ev'ry county,
love Kansas more each day.



Origin of March: "Here's Kansas"

Kansas has two official state marches, "The Kansas March" adopted in 1935 and most recently "Here's Kansas" adopted in 1992. Both sets of music can be found in the Kansas Statutes.

Kansas General Statutes, Chapter 73, Section 73-802. The words and the sheet music are included within the statute. Note that the wording establishing this official march reads, "...an official march of Kansas" while the legislation establishing "The Kansas March" reads "...the official state march of Kansas."

Kansas Law

The law designating the march "Here's Kansas"  as the official Kansas state march is found in the Kansas General Statutes, Chapter 73, Section 73-802.

SECTION 73-802.

73-802. Kansas March. The march, "Here's Kansas" composed by Bill Post, is hereby established as an official march of Kansas. Such march is as follows:

Here's Kansas

History:   L. 1992, ch. 187, § 1; July 1.

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