South Dakota State Symbols

South Dakota State Symbols, Emblems, and Mascots

South Dakota Symbols, Emblems, and Mascots

South Dakota is the location of one of America's most famous landmarks, Mount Rushmore, which features mountain-sized portraits of 4 US presidents. The great outdoors dominate the lives of many living in South Dakota. Plains, grasslands, and forests provide students in South Dakota with an abundance of opportunities to hunt, fish, run, and bike.

A Great Plains state, South Dakota was named for the Dakota division of the Sioux Indians, and is known as the Coyote State. Admitted simultaneously with North Dakota after the Dakota Territory was divided along the 46th parallel, South Dakota is mainly a rural state. Today, just less than 10 percent of its population is American Indian. South Dakota is known for two monumental sculptures carved into the Black Hills--Mount Rushmore, which honors presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt, and the Crazy Horse Monument, still under construction, which honors the Oglala Sioux war chief. The state floral emblem is the Pasque, May Day flower (pulsatilla hirsutissima) flower; its blooming is one of the first signs of spring in South Dakota.

South Dakota State Symbols contains descriptions and pictures of the state symbols, emblems, and mascots of the state, which can be quickly accessed. This resource guide represents many of South Dakota state facts such as South Dakota state symbols, the state flower, the state gemstone, the state insect, the state tree, the state bird, the state animal, the state flag that flies over South Dakota, and the capital, as well as many more symbols, emblems, and mascots.

South Dakota State Symbols, Emblems, and Mascots


Symbol Name - (Species)

Animal Coyote
(Canis latrans)
Bird Ring-necked Pheasant
(Phasianus culchicus)
Bread Fry Bread
Common Language English
Dessert Kuchen
Drink Milk
(Lac vaccum)
Fish Walleye
(Stizostedion vitreum)
Fishing Museum Museum of Wildlife, Science, and Industry, Webster
Flag State Flag
Floral Emblem Pasque, May Day Flower (pulsatilla hirsutissima) with the motto "I Lead."
Fossil Triceratops

Gemstone Fairborn Agate
Grass Western wheat grass
(Agropyron smithii)
Greeting "How, Kola" (Hello, Friend)
Hall of Fame The South Dakota Hall of Fame, Chamberlain, SD
Insect Honeybee (Apis Mellifera L.)
Jewelry Black Hills Gold
Mineral Stone Rose Quartz
Mining Museum Black Hills Mining Museum in Lead
1-6-29.   State mining museum. The Black Hills Mining Museum in Lead is hereby designated as the official mining museum of South Dakota. No state funds may be provided for the operation or maintenance of the museum.
Source: SL 2014, ch 4, ? 1.
Motto "Under God the people rule"
Musical Instrument Fiddle
Nicknames The Mount Rushmore State
Quarter South Dakota State Quarter
Seal Great Seal
Slogan "Great Faces. Great Places."
Soil Houdek soil
(Cumulic Haplustolls)
Song "Hail, South Dakota"
Sport Rodeo
Tree Black Hills Spruce
(Picea glauca densata)
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