First Year Essentials for College Students

First year essentials needed by every college student.

Are you about to embark on a journey through higher learning? Going to college for the first time is very exciting, but also very nerve wracking. What will you need once you leave home for good? Will you have enough money to pay for everything you need? What will you study? Where will you live?

You may never get the answers to all you questions, but here is a list of a few first year essentials needed by every college student.

  • --Get yourself a debit card. You never know when you're going to need money, and you're going to be much to busy to make regular trips to the bank. If you get yourself a debit card, you can always take money out of an ATM, or buy necessities with the card itself. Avoid getting a credit card. Too many students get themselves into unnecessary credit card debt early in their college careers because they aren't careful with their money. If you can only access money from your debit account, you can't spend more money than you earn.

  • --Find an easy work study job that allows you to study while working. Too many students waste tons of time working for peanuts throughout their college years when they should be studying. There are tons of student jobs out there that allow you to study while at work. Think about people that work at libraries. They can definitely study for a test while checking books out to people every twenty minutes or so.

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