First Year Essentials: Car Insurance

First year essentials needed by every college student.

Car Insurance

Are you ready to embark on your new college adventure? Going to college is very exciting and somewhat nerve wracking. Are you worried about forgetting something? Do you have enough money for everything you need? Will your roommates be fun?

First Year Essentials: Car Insurance

One college essential that many first year students don't think about is bringing a car to school. Of course, at some campuses, cars can be more of a problem to park than a benefit. If you're going to school in an urban center, you may not want to bring a car to campus. However, if you're going to a smaller liberal arts school out in the country, a car may be your lifeline to the outside world. Many wonderful colleges are located in small little towns that offer little in the way of culture and nightlife. Bringing your car with you to school will enable you escape your studies from time to time and live in up in the city.

If you own a car, you'll need car insurance. College campuses are notorious for sub-par drivers. If your car gets bumped in a parking lot, or you get in a small fender bender, you'll be thankful you have car insurance. In some states, drivers are required to have car insurance.

Student's looking for car insurance can often save money if they show an insurance company that they get good grades. It is proven that students who are academically responsible get into fewer driving accidents, thus making them a smaller risk to insure.

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