First Year Essentials: Student Travel

First year essentials needed by every college student.

Student Travel

What kind of college experience do you want to have? If you're about to go to college for the first time, your expectations are probably a bit different than the college students of past generations.

First Year Essentials: Student Travel

First, you want a dorm room with a high speed Internet connection. Next, you don't want to start classes before 10 a.m., and finally, you plan to spend a semester abroad sometime in your junior or senior year.

It seems like in this day and age, a college experience isn't complete without some world travel thrown into the mix. Student travel has become a big business. Colleges have started semester abroad programs in other countries, and charge big bucks for these experiences. There are travel companies that specialize in student travel, looking for budget train tickets and youth hostels.

When it's time for you to study abroad, you're going to have to remember a few things. First, don't ever keep your passport in the same place as your money. Second, keep a few different forms of money handy, like traveler's checks cash, and credit cards. Make sure that if you're carrying around a lot of cash to put it in different places. If someone steals your wallet, you won't lose everything. Student travel is always a bit dangerous, so try to travel with other students. Thieves often target people traveling alone, because they appear more vulnerable.

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