First Year Essentials: Moving Company

First year essentials needed by every college student.

Moving Company

Are you going to college in a place far away from home? Do you have a ton of stuff that you'll be bringing with you? Have you figured out how you're going to get it there?

First Year Essentials: Moving Company

Let's face it; college is a time when kids are supposed to embrace austerity. Dorm rooms are usually pretty small, meaning there's not a lot of space for all of your stuff. College is not necessarily about comfort-- it's about working hard academically. Unfortunately, these simple truths are often forgotten by those who deem college as a time without rules, a time to let loose and run wild. Running wild to many also includes bringing a lot of stuff.

If you fit this category, you should be ashamed of yourself. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, you've got to find a way to lug all of your stuff to college. You're probably going to have to call a moving company. There are two main types of moving companies: those that offer full service, and those that rent moving trucks. Full service moving companies help you do all of the heavy lifting, which makes moving as easy as taking that third shot at the frat party. If you rent a moving truck from a moving company, you'll pay a lot less, but you'll have to do all the manual labor yourself.

If you rent a truck from a moving company, you'll probably pay a daily fee and gas money. Some moving companies will also charge you for how many miles you drive, and/or how much you stuff into their trucks.

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