First Year Essentials: Car Lease

First year essentials needed by every college student.

Car Lease

Are you adjusting to a new life in college? Is the college environment completely different from what you are used to?

Some students who grow up in urban centers decide to go to school in smaller liberal arts colleges located in more rural areas for a change of pace. If your one of these students, you probably feel that your small college town has its pros and cons. One of the best benefits to a small college town is being able to develop a closer knit college community. Accordingly, one of the biggest downfalls to living in a small college town is not being able to escape this close knit community.

First Year Essentials: Car Lease

Students can successfully manage their social lives by investing in a car. Having a car will enable you to get away to the city when you need a break from the norm. Unfortunately, if you plan to go back to the city after graduation, you may not want to keep that car, because city parking can be expensive and aggravating. Those that only want to have a car while they're in school should consider taking out a car lease. Leasing a car is the best alternative for someone who only wants a car for a short time. A car lease is essentially an agreement to rent a car for a certain amount of time. Once that time is up, you give the car back to the dealership.

Once important part of a car lease that can get you in trouble is the mileage agreement. Many dealerships will make you pay extra if you drive your car over an agreed amount of miles. If your car lease has a mileage limit, you probably want to avoid taking the spring break road trip across the country.

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