Delaware State Almanac: Facts and Figures

Quick Facts, Figures, and Overview of the State of Delaware

Delaware Almanac: Fast Facts and Figures on the State of Delaware

Delaware is one of the South Atlantic states of the US. The state is surrounded by Pennsylvania on its northern border, by New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern border and by Maryland on its western and southern border. The Indians and the state of Delaware were both named after the Delaware River. And where did the river get it's name? The Delaware River was named after Sir Thomas West (Lord de la Warr)

In 1802, Eleuthere Irenee du Pont established a gunpowder mill near Wilmington that laid the foundation for Delaware's huge chemical industry. Delaware's manufactured products now also include vulcanized fiber, textiles, paper, medical supplies, metal products, machinery, machine tools, and automobiles. In the early 2000s, Delaware's economy was dominated by financial services and manufacturing; the state was noted as the home of the huge E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. chemical firm.

Delaware also grows a great variety of fruits and vegetables and is a US pioneer in the food-canning industry. Corn, soybeans, potatoes, and hay are important crops. Delaware's broiler-chicken farms supply the big Eastern markets, and fishing and dairy products are other important industries.

Delaware Almanac: Facts on the State of Delaware

Official Name Delaware
Capital Dover
Nicknames First State (Official) ...and more
Motto Liberty and independence
39.15869 N, 075.51744 W
Middle Atlantic
Constitution Ratified 1897
Statehood December 07, 1787
1st State
Population 897,934 (2010)
400.82 sq. mi.
Largest City
(by population)
10 largest cities (2010): Wilmington, 70,851; Dover, 36,047; Newark, 31,454; Middletown, 18,871; Smyrna, 10,023; Milford, 9,559; Seaford, 6,928; Georgetown, 6,422; Elsmere, 6,131; New Castle, 5,285
Bordering States North: Pennsylvania
East: Delaware River, Delaware Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean
South and West:
Coastline: 28 mi.
Major Industry business, agriculture and tourism
Major Rivers Delaware River, Mispillion River, Nanticoke Rive
Major Lakes  none
Delaware Counties 3 counties in Delaware
Largest County
(by population)
New Castle County
538,479 (2010)
426 sq. mi.
Largest County
(by area)
Sussex County
938 sq. mi.
State forests 3 (over 15,000 ac.)
State parks 14 (over 20,000 ac.)
Electoral Votes 3
US Congress 2 Senators; 1 Representative
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
Zip Codes NANPA
State Quick Facts Census Bureau Quick Facts

Delaware Climate and Weather

Delaware's climate is moderate year round. Average monthly temperatures range from 75.8 to 32.0 degrees. Average temperature in the summer months is 74.3 degrees. About 57% of the days are sunny. Annual precipitation is approximately 45 inches. Temperatures along the Atlantic Coast are about 10 degrees warmer in winter and 10 degrees cooler in summer. The average growing season varies from 170 to 200 days.
Highest Temperature 110 degrees
July 21, 1930 - Millsboro
Lowest Temperature -17 degrees
January 17, 1893 - Millsboro
Avg. Temp:
High - Low
85.6 degrees
23.2 degrees

Delaware Points of Interest

Delaware offers a wide variety of attractions, including the Delaware Canal historic areas, Delaware Bay and seashore, Fort Delaware, Fort Christina Monument, Hagley Museum, Holy Trinity Church (erected in 1698, the oldest Protestant church in the United States still in use), Winterthur Museum, and Dover and Wilmington cultural name but a few.

Delaware Highest, Lowest, and Mean Elevations (Feet)

Mean Elevation: 60 feet

Highest Point: Ebright Azimuth; Ebright Road, Del.-Pa. state line; New Castle County:
448 feet

Ebright Road, Del.-Pa. state line; New Castle County: The highest benchmark monument in Delaware is located on Ebright Road. This horizontal control mark denotes an elevation of 447.85 feet above sea level. The Delaware Geological Survey through its relationship with the National Geodetic Survey has determined that this benchmark monument is in the vicinity of the highest natural elevation in the state.

Lowest Point: Atlantic Ocean
Sea level

Delaware Land Area (Square Miles)

Geographic Center In Kent County, 11 miles south of Dover
Longitude: 75°30.7'W
Latitude: 38°58.8'N
Total Area 2,489.27 sq. mi.
Land Area 1,953.56 sq. mi.
Water Area 535.71 sq. mi.
Forested Land Area 31.1%
(Length - Width)
100 miles - 30 miles
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