New Jersey State Motto

"Liberty and Prosperity"

New Hampshire Seal

Adopted in 1777.

Language: English

Focus: Progress and Prosperity and Liberty and Freedom

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New Jersey's state motto, "Liberty and Prosperity," is not the official state motto, as such, but is accepted as an element of New Jersey official seal that was adopted in 1777.(The state motto appears on New Jersey's great seal and state flag).

The meaning of this famous motto reflects the hopes of the people of New Jersey following the outbreak of the War of Independence (17751783).

New Jersey State Motto
"Liberty and Prosperity"

These a states with mottos that focus on liberty.

  1. Delaware: "Liberty and Independence"
  2. Iowa: "Our Liberties We Prize, and Our Rights We Will Maintain"
  3. Massachusetts: "Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem"
    (By the Sword We Seek Peace, but Peace Only under Liberty)
  4. New Jersey: "Liberty and Prosperity"
  5. North Dakota: "Liberty and Union Now and Forever; One and Inseparable"
  6. Pennsylvania: "Virtue, Liberty, and Independence"

These state have mottos that reference progress and prosperity:

  1. New Jersey: "Liberty and Prosperity"
  2. New Mexico: "Crescit Eundo" (It Grows as It Goes)
  3. New York: "Excelsior" (Higher)
  4. Oklahoma: "Labor Omnia Vincit" (Labor Conquers All Things)
  5. Tennessee: "Agriculture and Commerce"
  6. Utah: "Industry"
  7. Washington: "Alki" (Bye and Bye)

New Jersey Law

The law designating the official New Jersey state motto is found in the New Jersey Statutes, Title 52, Section 52:2-1.

This statute describes the New Jersey seal. The motto is specified within this description.


52:2-1. Description of great seal of state The great seal of this state shall be engraved on silver, which shall be round, of two and a half inches in diameter and three-eighths of an inch thick; the arms shall be three ploughs in an escutcheon, azure; supporters, Liberty and Ceres. The Goddess Liberty to carry in her dexter hand a pole, proper, surmounted by a cap gules, with band azure at the bottom, displaying on the band six stars, argent; tresses falling on shoulders, proper; head bearing over all a chaplet of laurel leaves, vert; overdress, tenne; underskirt, argent; feet sandaled, standing on scroll. Ceres: Same as Liberty, save overdress, gules; holding in left hand a cornucopia, or, bearing apples, plums and grapes surrounded by leaves, all proper; head bearing over all a chaplet of wheat spears, vert. Shield surmounted by sovereign's helmet, six bars, or; wreath and mantling, argent and azure. Crest: A horse's head, proper. Underneath the shield and supporting the goddesses, a scroll azure, bordered with tenne, in three waves or folds; on the upper folds the words "Liberty and Prosperity" ; on the under fold in Arabic numerals, the figures "1776" . These words to be engraved round the arms, viz., "The Great Seal of the State of New Jersey" .

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