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US State Songs
US State Songs

Texas State Flower Song


Words by Julia D. Booth and Lora C. Crockett

Adopted on March 21, 1933.

House Concurrent Resolution No. 24 was passed by the Regular Session of the 43rd Legislature and Texas added the state's flower song, "Bluebonnets" on March 21, 1933.

Texas State Flower Song: "Bluebonnets"


When the pastures are green in the springtime
And the birds are singing their sonnets,
You may look to the hills and the valleys
And they're covered with lovely Bluebonnets.

Blue is the emblem of loyalty,
They're as blue as the deep, deep sea,
Their smiling faces bring gladness,
For they bloom for you and for me.

Bluebonnets, so gorgeous and stately,
In your mantle of blue and of green,
In the spring when you're in your full glory,
You're the loveliest sight ever seen.

You're beautiful when you sway in the sunshine,
You look like waves of the sea,
Ah, Texas was wise in her choice of a flow'r,
So we offer our homage to thee.

Bluebonnets, blue lovely Bluebonnets,
More beautiful than all the rest.
Texas chose you for her flower,
And we love you best, Bluebonnets.

Origin of Song: "Bluebonnets"

On February 8, 1933, State Representative R.A. Fuchs of Brenham introduced House Concurrent Resolution No. 24 proposing that "Bluebonnets" be named the Texas state flower song. To sweeten the pot, the Texas lawmakers were then treated to a rendition of this "beautiful song" by Alice Routt.

House Concurrent Resolution No. 24 was passed by the Regular Session of the 43rd Legislature and Texas added a second official element to their bluebonnet legacy.

House Concurrent Resolution No. 24, 43rd Legislature, Regular Session (1933)

Texas Law

Like most of the other Texas symbols, the official Texas state flower song was approved by Resolution and is, therefore, not listed in the Texas Code.


State Songs
US State Songs
Forty-nine states of the United States (all except New Jersey) have one or more state songs, selected by the state legislature as a symbol of the state.
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