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South Dakota State Bread

Fry bread

Fry bread - South Dakota State Bread

Adopted on February 25, 2005.

Fry bread was made the official state bread of South Dakota when Governor Mike Rounds signed House Bill No. 1205 on February 25, 2005.

The South Dakota Legislature approved a bill designating fry bread, an American Indian staple, as the official state bread.

The House voted 64-3 to add fry bread to the long list of state symbols that includes coyotes, Houdek soil, honey bees and walleyes, and making South Dakota the first in the nation to choose fry bread as a state symbol.

Supporters have said it is time for the state to officially recognize a symbol of Indian culture.

"Does it represent our heritage? Does it represent our culture? Does it represent our history?" asked State Rep. Larry Rhoden, a Republican. He said yes to all three.

South Dakota State Bread: Fry bread

Fry bread - South Dakota State Bread

Frybread is a flat dough fried or deep-fried in oil, shortening, or lard. The dough is generally leavened by soured milk, baking powder or yeast (rarely). Frybread can be eaten alone or with various toppings such as honey, jam, or hot beef. Frybread can also be made into tacos, like Indian tacos. It is a simple complement to meals.

Also known as "squaw bread" in some areas, fry bread is a native American food - a flat dough (usually leavened with yeast or baking powder) fried or deep-fried in oil, shortening, or lard.

According to Navajo tradition, frybread was created in 1864 using the flour, sugar, salt and lard that was given to them by the United States government when the Navajo, who were living in Arizona, were forced to make the 300-mile journey known as the "Long Walk" and relocate to Bosque Redondo, New Mexico onto land that could not easily support their traditional staples of vegetables and beans

Fry bread is served with sweet toppings such as honey or powdered sugar, or as a "Navajo taco" with toppings such as beans, ground beef, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and shredded cheese.

South Dakota House Bill No. 1205

State of South Dakota

691L0697 HOUSE BILL NO. 1205

Introduced by: Representatives Valandra, Elliott, Garnos, Halverson, Hargens, Kroger, Putnam, Rounds, and Van Norman and Senators Two Bulls, Abdallah, Adelstein, Bogue, Hanson (Gary), Koetzle, Lintz, Moore, and Sutton (Dan)

FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to designate fry bread as the official bread of South Dakota.
Section 1. That chapter 1-6 be amended by adding thereto a NEW SECTION to read as follows:

Fry bread is hereby designated as the official state bread of South Dakota.

South Dakota Law

The law designating fry bread as the official South Dakota state bread is found in the South Dakota Codified Laws, Title 1, Chapter 1-6, Section 1-6-16.9

SECTION 1-6-16.9

1-6-16.9. State bread. Fry bread is hereby designated as the official state bread of South Dakota.

Source: SL 2005, ch 6, § 1.


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