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CIW Training Programs and Certification

Learn the latest technologies and job skills that make you an innovator in Web and Internet technologies. Earning CIW certification proves you are ready to put these skills to work for your employer.

If you're like most Americans, you probably spend a substantial amount of time on the Internet. In fact, you might even consider yourself something of a professional "researcher" or "Web designer." You might even call yourself a "webmaster," but unless you have CIW certification, you are technically considered an amateur.

What Is CIW Certification?

CIW stands for certified Internet webmaster. It is the fastest growing Internet certification in the world. Essentially, you'll learn how to run and operate web pages, integrate various different types of software, and enhance the overall security of your pages and networks.

Needless to say, the training that you'll receive through CIW certification programs will prepare you for a wide range of business or technology-related jobs. In fact, as the Internet becomes even more ingrained in the modern economy, CIW certification will become even more relevant. Can you think of very many businesses out there that don't rely on Internet technology in some capacity?

Where Can I Use My CIW Certification?

A better question is where can't you use CIW certification. Just about every industry and every job out there relies on information technology in some capacity. So if you have already mastered the essential IT skills, there really aren't very many places where you cannot work. Suffice to say that if you want to work closely with web pages, e-commerce, networks, and other areas of the modern business world, CIW certification is one of the best qualifications you can have under your belt.

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