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i-Net+ Certification Training Programs

Get Your Foot in the Virtual Door through i-Net+ Certification Programs

What is i-Net+ Certification?

In the tradition of MOCS - Microsoft Officer Certified Specialist and ACE - Adobe Certified Expert, i-Net+ is a certification that recognizes proficiency with specific technologies. The i-Net+ certification denotes a level of expertise with internet, intranet, extranet, and e-commerce technologies. A minimum of six months experience working with the internet and clients, intranet networks, extranet systems and a good foundational knowledge of e-commerce is required

i-Net+ Certification Training Programs

What Does an i-Net+ Certificate Qualify Me For?

An i-Net+ certificate is a very good basic credential for anyone wanting to get into internet based business. Some colleges, such as Excelsior College, give four credits toward the completion of their Bachelor in Computer Information Systems degree to those holding i-Net+ certification.

What Sort of Job Requires i-Net+ Certification?

Virtually any job that involves computer networking on a global or private scale would benefit from i-Net+ certification program. This would include the internet, the world wide web, the largest known computer network. Positions that encompass any sort of e-commerce would also be aided by i-Net+ certification programs.

What Do i-Net+ Certification Programs Consist of?

In i-Net+ programs you will be taught a good basic foundation of computer skills. From there the course will progress to focus on networks in general and the internet specifically. You will become intimate with web standards, web pages, browsers, servers and clients, and e-commerce concepts. The i-Net+ programs are available through some colleges, many community colleges, technical training centers, and through online learning. It is also possible to evaluate knowledge gathered from life experience with i-Net+ sample tests and then write for certification through a qualified institution.

The i-Net+ certification is quickly becoming a highly sought after accreditation for entry level IT or e-commerce positions. Investing in an i-Net+ certification program will help to place you above the crowd.

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