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Computer Programming Degrees

You prepare yourself for career opportunities as a Web, network, and software programmer.

Computers are amazing machines, but even more amazing are the programs that tell computers what to do and when to do them. Without these programs, something as simple as drafting a letter or e-mail would be impossible. That's why the true heroes of the computer world are the software programmers who create the intricate instructions that all computers follow.

Computer Programming Degrees

What Computer Programming Programs Will Teach You

In order to write software programs, you must master the various languages used in the coding world. C++, Basic, and HTML are but a small sampling of the numerous programming languages available. But in addition to mastering these languages, you also need to establish a firm grounding in mathematics, statistics, and logic. These three disciplines are essential for effective coding and programming.

Is There Demand for Computer Programmers?

Believe it or not, there is tremendous demand for those who possess programming skills. And remember, software is not restricted to home or office PCs. Your digital watch, toaster oven, and alarm clock all run on various programs. And because the world's reliance on computer technology is growing each and every day, expect job openings for programmers to increase substantially in the years to come.

Is the Money Good?

According to the US Department of Labor, the median income for programmers in 2004 was almost $63,000. So if you feel that that is good money, then yes, computer programmers make very good money. And remember, that's just median income. Many programmers freelance for a variety of businesses, and managed to make six figures.

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