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SCSA Certification Training Program

This is for system administrators tasked with performing essential system administration procedures on the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and technical application support staff responsible for administering a networked server running on the Solaris OS.

The world experienced a dynamic technological shift at the end of the 20th century. It will probably be remembered as the age of the Internet. As the Internet grew, the private sector learned how to make networked computers work to their advantage. Web based software allowed people to work from anywhere they could find an Internet connection, which meant pretty much anywhere in the developed world.

SCSA Certification Training Program

Throughout the course of the Internet age, companies also learned how to automate business functions using enterprise software. They could now manage inventory, control their supply chain, learn more about their customers, and do many other strategic functions automatically and with the touch of a button.

Sun Microsystems was at the cutting edge of this technological boom because they created server software and operating systems that allowed companies to run large enterprise software. Sun built their Solaris operating systems to work in UNIX environments. UNIX was the first heavily adopted enterprise open source OS environment.

Any company that runs enterprise software in a UNIX environment must employ system administrators to make sure that the systems run smoothly. Because UNIX is a unique platform, those working in UNIX environments must have experience with UNIX. To get this experience, many people enroll in Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) certification programs.

SCSA certification programs were designed by Sun to help employers evaluate potential job applicants. If someone has a SCSA certification, a company running on a UNIX platform can have more confidence that the applicant will be able to effectively manage their software systems.

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