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UNIX Systems Certification Training Program

The UNIX certification program is concerned with the development and evolution of certification programs associated with the UNIX system trademark. 

A big contributor to the Internet boom was advanced server and operating system technology. This technology enabled large enterprise systems to run quickly and efficiently without a lot of costly breakdowns. Two companies have emerged as the leading manufacturers of enterprise server solutions and operating systems--Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. Both Microsoft and Sun create proprietary servers and operating system solutions used by a majority of businesses worldwide. Some more technically savvy companies have built their own networks using a non-propriety standard called Linux. Linux is continuously growing in popularity because it is free and constantly improved in the public domain.

UNIX Systems Certification Training Program

UNIX was the first operating system to become widely used in networked computers. It is now the technology used by Sun Microsystems. Sun's Solaris operating systems dominate the UNIX market. If you want to become a system administrator, there is a good chance that you'll have to learn how to work with UNIX and Solaris operating systems, because so many companies operate their enterprise software in UNIX environments.

Get the experience you need by enrolling in a Unix Solaris Training Certification Program. Unix Solaris Training Certification programs are created by Sun to enable companies to validate the skills of system administrator job applicants. Sun created the certification, and many schools created training programs to prepare students for certification examinations. You can find Unix Solaris Training Certification programs at many local community colleges, vocational schools, or online through distance learning institutions.

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