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If you find it easy working with computers and seem to catch on to technical language and technical activities faster than others, you probably are a closet techy. This is nothing to be ashamed of, although you'll probably have to embrace the term "computer-nerd." Your knack for technology may help you land a pretty lucrative job someday.

MCSD Programs and Certification

One of these jobs is developing enterprise software solutions. Computer programmers are a highly sought-after bunch, because it takes a fair amount of training to accumulate a working knowledge of various programming languages. Once a programmer has this knowledge, he or she can develop software solutions for a variety of different industries.

If you think you want to become a programmer, you'll realize that much of the software you'll probably develop in the near future will have to be compatible to the Microsoft platform, because a large percentage of businesses run their software on Microsoft servers and operating systems.

Microsoft has made it easier for programmers by building their own software development tools. Learning how to use these tools will inevitably make your job as a programmer easier. To prove to a potential employer that you are proficient in using Microsoft's software development tools, you will probably need to earn a Microsoft Solution Developer (MCSD) certification.

MCSD certification programs are offered throughout the U.S. at community colleges, vocational schools, and online through distance learning institutions. By enrolling in and completing an MSDC certification program, you'll help grease the wheels in your employment process. Employers who see an MCSD certification on a resume understand immediately that a potential candidate has a certain skill set, and can thus more easily advance them to the next step in application process.

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