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Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) Training

Certified Novell Administrators (CNAs) provide companies direct support for software users in various work environments.

Making certain that software and hardware are integrated well can sometimes be a very difficult business. How may times have you been frustrated by incomprehensible instructions, erratic glitches, or slow processing? But if you think this is frustrating for you the individual, just imagine how damaging poorly integrated software can be for businesses. That's why employers turn to those with CNA certification to ensure that all of their systems run smoothly and effectively.

What Exactly Is CNA Certification?

Short for Certified Novell Administrator, CNAs provides businesses with assistance for those individuals who use software in offices, schools, hospitals, and other organizations. In essence, you're basically a very specialized IT professional who helps companies integrate new software platforms into their existing infrastructure.

You'll Need Some Additional Training First

Because of the specialized nature of this particular certification, it is recommended that you complete your CompTIA Network+ certification first. Familiarity with switching, routing, and other networking skills is essential for any Certified Novell Administrator. Before you begin taking CNA classes, make sure that you have a solid foundation in networking first.

Ever-Growing Demand

Because new software comes out every day, it should be pretty clear that there will always be high demand for Certified Novell Administrators. So by securing the necessary certification now, you're basically guaranteeing yourself steady work in the years to come. In fact, with each new advancement in computer technology, your expertise and skills will become even more pertinent. Needless to say, CNA certification is an extremely versatile credential that will help open many doors down the road.

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