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Linux+ Programs and Certification

Make Use of Linux +Certification Programs to Advance Your Career

What is Linux?

Linux is a computer operating system similar to Mac OS and Windows. Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds using the tenets of the free software and open source movement. This means that the underlying code, or Linux kernel, is freely available to any user to develop, alter, and market according to their own needs or vision as long as they too keep the core programming likewise available.

Linux+ Programs and Certification

Is Linux Widely Used?

Linux is not internationally known and Red Hat is one of the most widely recognized Linux products. Linux is at work on a growing number of home and business computer systems. Linux dependability and low resource cost make it a clear choice for use on internet server systems. Linux certification programs are widely sought after by many IT professionals and system administrators who are able to tailor it their own specific needs. Many companies are seeing the advantages of hiring IT personnel with Linux certification program training.

Where Can I Find a Linux Certification Program?

Linux certification programs are widely available at colleges, universities, online, at technical training centers, and at community or junior colleges. Pursuing Linux certification on its own is a great way to qualify for many entry level IT positions. Including it as part of a degree will give you still more options. There are also Linux Certification exams available through the Linux corporation or various training centers. Individuals who have accumulated a certain level of competency through on hands use of Linux may find that they can successfully write the exam without completing a Linux certification program.

Whatever your current understanding of Linux, a Linux certification may be just what you need to get your IT career off on the right track.

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