Nebraska State Ballad

"A Place Like Nebraska"

Words and Music by Sol Kutler

Adopted in October 9, 1997.

"A Place Like Nebraska" by Sol Kutler was adopted as the Nebraska State Ballad on October 9, 1997.

Nebraska State Ballad: "A Place Like Nebraska"

"A Place Like Nebraska"

When I dream of my home
And the good folks I've known
I'm glad I've grown up
In Nebraska

Cause the good like is there
With the sun and fresh air
And neighbors who care
In Nebraska

Wherever you go, they all want to know
And someday someone will ask ya
So turn on your smile
Tell them life is worthwhile
When you're bred and corn-fed in Nebraska

With cool winding streams
And good football teams
And jobs that are there for the asking

Origin of Ballad: "A Place Like Nebraska"

On October 9, 1997, Gov. Ben Nelson declared "A Place Like Nebraska" to be the official state ballad. Sol Kutler composed the words and music.

Adoption of the State Ballad

Unlike other states, Nebraska has passed legislation that allows the Governor to declare state symbols without going through the Legislature. On October 9, 1997, Governor Ben Nelson declared "A Place Like Nebraska", words and music by Sol Kutler, to be the official state ballad of Nebraska.


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