Nebraska State Baseball Capital


Nebraska State Baseball Capital: Wakefield

Adopted on October 9, 1997.

On Oct. 9, 1997, Gov. Ben Nelson declared Wakefield to be the official baseball capital of Nebraska, in honor of the Community's commitment, to the great sport of baseball.

Some time later Gov. Nelson slipped up and also bestowed the same title on St. Paul, Nebraska.  Our Mayor the late Merlin (Lefty) Olson went to bat for Wakefield and eventually St. Paul settled for the title of Historic Baseball Capital of Nebraska.

Nebraska State Baseball Capital: Wakefield

Nebraska State Baseball Capital: Wakefield

For a small town, Wakefield has it all! Wakefield residents enjoy scenic parks, walking and bike path, softball field, baseball field, t-ball and one of the finest baseball complexes in the state. Wakefield is known as "The Baseball Capital of Nebraska"! Wakefield has a recreation facility free to the public with a walking track and complete exercise room.

The Wakefield area was settled primarily by Swedish and German families. Wakefield, incorporated in 1881, was named after L. W. Wakefield, a railroad surveyor who platted the original townsite. Because of the area's abundant water supply and rolling fertile hills, crop and livestock production quickly prospered.

Along with the increase in farming came the need for irrigation and well digging which led to the Salmon Well Company that has operated in Wakefield for more than 75 years. In 1882 the local newspaper and other businesses were established. The Wakefield Brickyard produced many of the bricks used for the buildings. The J.O. Milligan Roller Mills was built on nearby Logan Creek and became a regional business, drawing various other trades to Wakefield. Two branch lines of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha railroads converged at Wakefield. The large amount of stock and grain shipped and passenger traffic made it one of the busiest rail districts in northeast Nebraska.

The Busiest Little City in Northeast Nebraska...What a great place to visit!

Home could be anywhere. Some people call home the big city with all its hustle and bustle. Others prefer the simpler, more soothing lifestyle of a smaller community...a community like Wakefield, Nebraska.

Incorporated in 1881, Wakefield is located on Highway 35 in northeast Nebraska with a population of 1,411 and growing, Wakefield offers its citizens many of the amenities of big city living such as a library, bank, newspaper, cable television, quality health care and recreational facilities.

Wakefield takes Nebraska's state slogan, "The Good Life", a step higher.

One thing that sets Wakefield apart from other communities is the high quality of living: pure water and air; safe streets and friendly, caring citizens who are committed to their families, community and to each other.

Wakefield, a city of 1,400+ residents in Dixon County, sits in the middle of lush farming ground, near a creek lining the city limits to the North. There is plenty to do when you want to take a break from the life of big city living.

You Can:
Get your caffeine fix and listen to the local farmers at the Cubbies coffee shop or take your family to see a blockbuster show at the Little Red Hen Theatre.

You Can:
Sample the fresh pizza at Sidelines Bar and Grille and watch your favorite sports on one of their 6 TV's. Sidelines Bar and Grille now have an official football scoreboard in their landscaped beer garden. Buy some fabric or learn to quilt at the Quilt Shop or begin your Saturday morning at the LaMichana - "Mexican style" cookin' at hometown prices.

You Can:
Take a break on the slides or the swings in the 3 tremendous playgrounds or walk, run, blade or bike the trail on the north end of town that is all paved for everyone to use. Workout and jog at the Gardner Recreation Center for free. You can sit in the rocking chair at the new Gardner Public Library where it is warm and quiet. Then you can go 1/2 block and visit the Graves Library Museum and walk into an ambiance history of Wakefield from 1891 to 1920 and look at a private collection of 2,000 wrenches by Russell Marshall.

You Can:
Support local produce growers by grabbing a fresh veggie off of the truck from the Sherer Garden's in the summertime or shop at Lazy Acres Gift Shop and Miller Lumber.

Nebraska Law

On Oct. 9, 1997, Gov. Ben Nelson declared Wakefield to be the official baseball capital of Nebraska, in honor of the Community's commitment, to the great sport of baseball.

CHAPTER 90 - Special Acts.
SECTION 90-119

Governor; designate official state items.

The Governor may designate official state items, including animals, plants, minerals, and other things.

Legislative approval of any such designation is not required. Any designation made on or prior to September 13, 1997, is not affected by this section.

Laws 1997, LB 106, § 1.


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