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Louisiana State Christmas in the Country

Elizabeth, Louisiana

Louisiana State Christmas in the Country: Elizabeth, Louisiana

Adopted in 1990

"Christmas in the Country" held annually in the town of Elizabeth, Louisiana.

The town was named for the daughter of Sam Park. Elizabeth is known as the "Front Porch Community"and is the home of Little Piney Park and Christmas In the Country. Christmas in the Country is truly in the country. It starts with a one week long primitive camping experience a week prior to the downtown festival. Each night a different event is held, such as a dance, with DJ and music, all kinds of cooking and other interesting social events. For a fee of only $5.00, you can take a 15 mile trail ride that is encompassed entirely in the West Bay Wildlife area. The Elizabeth Recreation District in corporation with Boise Cascade and the Wildlife and Fisheries Department sponsors the trail ride. With this unified corporation, this event is truly one to participate in, or come to watch. All riders who take part in the trail ride will also take part in the Christmas in the Country parade. The festival is held downtown Elizabeth after the Christmas parade. This event is always held on the first Saturday of December at 2:00 P.M. You will find many food and crafts vendors.

Louisiana State Christmas in the Country:
Elizabeth, Louisiana

Elizabeth is an old "mill town." It was founded in 1907 by Industrial Lumber Company and has maintained the mill-town look. When the mills were all in operation, all the homes were owned by the company, as were the commissary and medical facilities. The old hospital, now serving as the town of Elizabeth Hall and Senior Citizens Center, is now on the National Historic Register.

Elizabeth began "Christmas in the Country" some 20 years ago, and today, the first Saturday in December is very lively in this small community. Christmas in the Country provides a market place for vendors and entertainment and a parade. Through the years, it has been established as a great trail ride, and some 500 horses and riders camp at the old mill park outside of the community and participate in the parade.

Louisiana Law

The law designating the "Christmas in the Country" held annually in the town of Elizabeth as the official Louisiana state Christmas in the Country" is found in the Louisiana Statutes, Title 49, Section RS 49:170.2

TITLE 49 State administration :: RS 49:§170.2. Official state "Christmas in the Country"

§170.2. Official state "Christmas in the Country"

There shall be an official state "Christmas in the Country", which shall be the "Christmas in the Country" held annually in the town of Elizabeth, Louisiana.

Acts 1990, No. 776, §1.

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