Oklahoma State Waltz

"Oklahoma Wind"

Written by Dr. Dale J. Smith

Adopted in 1982.

"Oklahoma Wind" (by Dr. Dale J. Smith) is a western style lament of the plight of the American Indian. The song was designated the official State Waltz of Oklahoma by State Senate Resolution No. 42 (enrolled by Senator John Dahl, Barnsdall, Oklahoma).

Oklahoma State Waltz:

"Oklahoma Wind"

In an ancient sunrise, lighting the sky,
men and spirits came riding by on the land that was taken
by you and I in the wind.

The wind kept blowing and moved us with haste.
We devoured this country just for the taste of that land that was theirs,
Lord what a waste in the wind.


Oklahoma Wind Waltz me back home again, back where a friend is a friend,
Oklahoma Wind.

Just a drifting cowboy riding along,
I heard the wind call and I had to belong
to the land that was callin' and growin' up strong in the wind.

We waited for the signal to start the race,
all we had to do was to drive our stakes in the land that was willin'
to give us a place in the wind.


Was the year of thirty five, hardly nothing was left alive
'cept the will of a few that made her survive in the wind.

And now she's blowin across the plain.
O'er the hills of golden grain, ev'rybody knows she's alive again in the wind.


Origin of Song: "Oklahoma Wind"

According to the Oklahoma State Almanac published in 1995, the state waltz is "Oklahoma Wind."Adopted in 1982, by bill SR42.

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