Alabama State Renaissance Faire

Florence Renaissance Faire

Alabama State Renaissance Faire: Florence Renaissance Faire

Adopted in 1988.

The Florence Renaissance Faire became the official Alabama state faire in 1988 by Act no.88-43.

In October of 1987, the first Renaissance Month was observed in Florence, Alabama. Every fourth weekend in October a Renaissance Faire takes place as a two-day event. Florence is named for Florence, Italy, the founding city of the Renaissance movement in Europe during the 14th century.

The Renaissance Faire covers the period of time from the 12th through the 16th centuries. Authentic costumes, arts and crafts, and food are all a part of the Faire. Visitors can take part in medieval games and hear musicians playing authentic instruments. Artisans and merchants offer coins of the realm, hand-thrown pottery, jewelry, dried flower wreaths, and many other delights. Magicians, mirthmakers and minstrels wander about in period attire.

The Alabama Renaissance Faire is held in downtown Florence at Wilson Park - on the corner of Tuscaloosa Street and Wood Avenue. Florence, Alabama is located 120 miles south of Nashville; 145 miles east of Memphis; and 125 miles north of Birmingham.

Alabama State Renaissance Faire:
Florence Renaissance Faire

Alabama State Renaissance Faire: Florence Renaissance Faire

Begun in 1987, the official Alabama Renaissance Faire has developed into a major tourist event in Northwest Alabama. For the past several years it has been named one of the top 20 events in the Southeast by the Southeast Tourist Society in Atlanta, giving it recognition by more than 800 media outlets throughout the region. Smaller than many larger commercial faires, yet what it lacks in size, it more than makes up in personality. 2011 is also our Silver anniversary, a monumental milestone, for an not-for-profit organization, comprised of all volunteers, who make no money through the event.

Held in Wilson Park (renamed Fountain-on-the-Green for the two days of the Faire), this unusual event draws 30,000 - 40,000 people each year to its site in downtown Florence, Alabama. It is always held on the fourth Saturday and Sunday in October, taking advantage of the balmy weather and the gorgeous fall foliage in the park. It is 100% totally free event, with no admission being charged for entry into the park.

As the Faire has grown, so have the other events which surround it during Renaissance Month as October has been officially designated by the local government. In fact, brochures advertising Florence, Alabama, as the Renaissance City have been published by the Shoals Chamber of Commerce and are circulated throughout the region.

Chamber of Commerce of the Shoals
Tourism Division
104 South Pine Street
Florence, Alabama 35630

Acts of Alabama, February 12, 1988
Alabama Renaissance Faire Brochure, March, 1991

2013 Code of Alabama

The law designating the annual renaissance faire in Florence, Alabama as the official Alabama state renaissance faire is found in the Code of Alabama, Title 1, Chapter 2 Section 1-2-21


The annual renaissance faire in Florence, Alabama, is hereby named and designated as the official renaissance faire in the State of Alabama, and said city is now and shall remain as the permanent location of this event. (Acts 1988, No. 88-43, p. 44.)

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